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Welcome to Alum Creek Boxer Kennels


About Us

We are a small family owned Boxer Kennel located about 20 miles north of Columbus Ohio. We specialize and focus all of our efforts on Boxers exclusively. We generally have 4 litters of quality boxers per year. We feel this is as much responsibility as we can manage. It is a lot of work caring for this many boxers. All of our pups are sold by us as we do not use any retail stores or brokers. We meet every buyer personally. We do not mass produce pups and are we not a puppy mill. All of our boxers are AKC registered.


Alum Creek Kennel's Origination

Our family purchased its first AKC registered boxer in January of 1997.  Abbie was a very special classic fawn boxer who changed our lives forever. One year later we purchased another female of nearly the exact same bloodlines. Brandy was a flashy brindle female that completed our family. Boxers have been in our lives ever since and we feel they canít be replaced by any other breed. Our interest and love for this breed has matured us into the kennel owners that we are today.



Scope of Breeding

Our boxers are predominately bred for ourselves and other pet owners. Our objective is to both preserve and improve the conformation and temperament of the boxer breed. We are very particular in our breeding stock and insist on producing boxers that fit the traditional standard of temperament and appearance. With each cross we make we intend to produce  strong, healthy boxers that have a wide muscular chest, blocky head, big undercut jaw and a nice coat. Color is the bottom of our list. However, we do avoid producing white boxers.

Our boxers are our pets as well as members of our breeding program. We limit the number of dogs in our kennel so we have time for personal interaction with each dog. Some of our dogs are inside companions and some are outside dogs. Nevertheless, all of our boxers get the love they deserve and plenty of exercise. We get a lot of complements on our fenced exercise areas and kennel facilities.

A complete line of ancestry can be supplied on all of our dogs. We are very careful in studying pedigrees when breeding and we supply a short pedigree with every pup. Our boxers do have distant champion bloodlines. However, we do not show our boxers in AKC competition.  Champions mentioned in our pedigrees are just references to bloodlines. Therefore, Alum Creek Kennels respectfully does not mis-use the term "Champion" or "German" bloodlines. We will not use another breeders titles or efforts to promote or misrepresent our dogs.  "Champion" boxers puppies have direct parents that have earned their Champion title. To earn a Champion title is a lot of work and a huge financial investment. "German" boxers are those that have been directly imported.  Importing the most pure boxers from Germany is very expensive and few breeders in the US are themselves importing. Unfortunately many try to cash in on other peoples hard work and dedication. Review the background of any breeder that you are considering to see the scope of their breeding program.  Every mating changes the appearance and characteristics of a bloodline. Insist on seeing the parents! That is the dogs that produced your pup.

Please review our dogs from the menu at the left. We have made every effort to supply visitors with pictures and descriptions on each boxer. We feel it is very important for you to read about and see each of your prospective puppies parents. If you have any more questions or would like to arrange to visit our kennel and meet our dogs, please don't hesitate to call.



  Shawn and Amber Fetty  
  (740) 815-3129